The first antibody which can fight all types of the influenza A virus has been discovered, researchers claim.

On Tuesday, a committee that advises the Food and Drug Administration is to consider whether the first of those drugs can overcome safety concerns and reach the market.

The outcome of the F.D.A. review is far from certain. The drug, dapagliflozin, might raise the risk of breast and bladder cancer, liver damage and infections of the genitals and urinary tract, according to an F.D.A.

Some of the world

In a development that could improve AIDS treatment worldwide, modern antiretroviral drugs will be sold at lower prices in 70 of the world

It has taken 10 years for Dr. Beatrice H. Hahn to build the world

Scientists said Thursday that a new AIDS vaccine, the first ever declared to protect a significant minority of humans against the disease, would be studied to answer two fundamental questions: why it worked in some people but not in others, and why those infected despite vaccination got no benefit at all.

More than six million doses of swine flu vaccine will be available by the first week in October, more that twice as many as had been recently expected, federal health officials said. As before, however, most will be the FluMist nasal spray, which is recommended only for people ages 2 to 49 and not for pregnant women or people with health problems.

Defying the expectations of experts, clinical trials are showing that the new H1N1 swine flu vaccine protects with only one dose instead of two, so the vaccine supplies now being made will go twice as far as had been predicted.

People panicked by swine flu continue to throng different hospitals of the capital seeking remedy. About 1,242 patients were given treatment in Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) till Monday morning.

Though the government has taken initiatives to make the anti-viral drug 'Oseltamivir' easily available for the common people, they are apparently deprived of the benefit.

A total of 10.5 lakh Oseltamivir capsules are being supplied across the country for the treatment of the swine flow affected patients.