India is making dramatic progress in its fight against tuberculosis. The disease infects two million Indians each year

A newly discovered HIV like virus in monkeys provides clues about the origin of AIDS in humans

Bananas that are actually vaccines. Potatoes that kill bacteria. Tobacco plants that fight tooth decay. Medical science has more tricks up its sleeve

Traces of a toxic industrial chemical were detected also in a vitamin syrup brand as in case of a Paracetamol syrup, paediatricians said after investigating a sudden surge of child deaths because of kidney failure.

A section of pharmaceutical companies have been using toxic industrial chemicals in medicines, especially in Paracetamol syrup, causing deaths to a number of children and putting life of many others at risk, according to physicians and experts.

A ustralian authorities finally appear to be wising up to the nuclear risk. The State Emergency Management Committee of New South Wales has recommended the pre-distribution of iodine tablets to

Integrating cost effective traditional methods is essential to fighting the killer disease

Ayurvedic massage can reduce body s toxin levels by 58 per cent

With the help of a chemical, diabetes sufferers with early symptoms could be prevented from developing the disease completely, research has suggested. Trials found that a specific peptide