Powerful drugs are available to treat H.I.V., but doctors have long argued about when to start therapy. Is it better to treat patients early, exposing them to risky side effects, or to wait until the disease is more advanced?

A new analysis suggests that sooner is better than later.

The global spread of swine flu, a pandemic, is highly likely, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday and raised its alert level to Phase 5, the next-to-highest level in the worldwide warning system.

Commuters wore protective masks at a subway station in Mexico City on Wednesday.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) increasing the pandemic alert level for the swine influenza outbreak, the public health department (PHD) decided yesterday to implement counter measures throughout the country.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has agreed to provide a grant of Rs 800 million to the Punjab government during the next five years for the eradication of Malaria in the province. Sources in the health department told Business Recorder on Tuesday that the government has also approved an amount of Rs 188 million for the next five years for control of Malaria.

Federal officials said it would take until January, or late November at the earliest, to make enough vaccine to protect all Americans from a possible epidemic of swine flu.

And beyond the United States and a few other countries that also make vaccines, some experts said it could take years to produce enough swine flu vaccine to satisfy global demand.

A vaccine that protects babies against fatal bacterial infections was introduced in Rwanda last week, its first distribution in a third world country.

The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine has been sold under the Prevnar brand name in the United States since 2000, and Rwanda will get three million doses

Antibiotics are used mainly for treatment of infections caused by bacteria. They act either by stopping the multiplication of bacteria or killing bacteria. Hence, an adequate dose of antibiotics should be given at appropriate intervals to achieve this purpose.

Novo Nordisk, a leading healthcare company in diabetic care has launched modern insulins named NovoMix

A new campaign to save lives and prevent drug resistance by driving the price of the best malaria medicine down to as little as 20 cents was announced Friday by international health agencies and European governments.

The subsidy program, unveiled in Norway, will have an initial budget of $225 million and will be run by a new partnership called the Affordable Medicines Facility for Malaria.