DEHRADUN: During the tiger census last year, 22% of the of big cats in the country were found to roam in areas that were not tiger reserves or protected forests.

Poaching was the cause of most deaths, says National Tiger Conservation Authority

The country lost 63 of its wild tigers in 2013. The first tiger death of the year was reported from the South Brahmapuri forest range of Chandrapur district, Maharashtra, on January 6, 2013 caused by suspected poaching. The last wild tiger death of the year was reported from the Heggadadevana Kote range of the Mysore forest division in Karnataka on December 28, 2013 and the cause is under investigation.

JAMMU: Keeping in pace with the technology and modern scientific wildlife management tools, the department of Wildlife Protection has introduced latest cameras to be installed in different wildlife sanctuaries in Jammu in order to conserve and protect the wild animals in a scientific method.

The Department has recently procured IR as well as flash Camera Traps for studying animal presence, conducting research in different wildlife sanctuaries and conserve the reserves including Nandini, Ramnagar, Sudhmahadev, etc.

The latest death of a tiger in a territorial fight has once again brought focus on the need for expanding the area under the purview of the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Reshma and Raja are just two more casualties of the current tumult in Jammu and Kashmir, but they are unlikely to make too many headlines given that they were mere animals. However, the fact that they were victims of the