the Central Pollution Control Board (cpcb) has submitted a Rs 480 crore Yamuna action plan to the Delhi High Court to clean the river. "The plan is being funded by the Overseas Environmental

according to the National Environment Engineering Research Institute ( neeri ), Nagpur, the Betwa river in the state of Madhya Pradesh is highly polluted. Tests conducted recently by

A dip in the Ganga was meant to purify both body and soul. But devotees in Bihar have had a bad experience

Eco-friends, a non-governmental organisation, has been striving to control pollution and protect the environment in Kanpur. One of its tasks is to depollute the Ganges, whose stretch along Kanpur

An ecologically informed master plan for Kanpur may help the city deal with pollution

The Madras High Court has directed the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board and the collector of Thanjavur to ini

Only a very small section of the country s urban population benefits from sewerage systems and this section consists of the richest urban people

the threat of arsenic pollution looms large over the north Karanpura coal fields of south Bihar, in the coal samples of Bachara and Piparwar. A recent study conducted by Nitish Priyadarshi, a

An alternative plan to clean up the river Ganga at Varanasi has been submitted by a local NGO

Homicide by Pesticides: words of shared concern