Only a very small section of the country s urban population benefits from sewerage systems and this section consists of the richest urban people

the threat of arsenic pollution looms large over the north Karanpura coal fields of south Bihar, in the coal samples of Bachara and Piparwar. A recent study conducted by Nitish Priyadarshi, a

An alternative plan to clean up the river Ganga at Varanasi has been submitted by a local NGO

Homicide by Pesticides: words of shared concern

Pesticides and industrial runoff all along the river Yamuna have turned its water into poison. This is one of the key findings of Homicide by Pesticides , the latest publication of the Centre for

Mythology has named Yamuna after the sister of Yama, the Hindu God of death. With the presence of toxic pesticides and chemicals in the river, this nomenclature seems prophetic yet another example of monstrous short sightedness on the part of governments bent on addressing their needs without a thought for the environment

Segment I: Himalayan: From source to Tajewala; 172 km Segment II: Upper: From Tajewala to Wazirabad; 224 km Segment III: Delhi: Wazirabad barrage to Okhla barrage; 22 km Segment IV:

Delhi gets its water from the following sources off the Yamuna

Agra’s residents drink the waters of the Yamuna which become a ‘green soup’ in the fourth segment