A new dump for proper disposal of Kathmandu s waste

The government says that poor people living along the Yamuna are the problem. But the fact is that s/he who uses the most water also generates the most waste. The situation in India's capital city is shameful in this regard. The bulk of the water goes to the rich and powerful, with the majority population getting less than survival quotas of water. Therefore, it is the water users who generate waste. If water use is the criterion for a pollution inventory, then it is clear that the rich, not the poor and unconnected or unserviced, are the cause of the river's condition.

A spill of toxic heavy metals into a river in northern Romania, some 60 miles from the border with Ukraine, has caused the latter to cut water supplies to five of its towns in the Transcarpathian

Causing pollution in Yamuna

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Damodar river is in deep water. Rampant mining in the North Karanpura coalfield spread over Hazari

When concern for the environment is merely cosmetic, can we hope for a change?

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Discharge of effluents into the river had caused large scale fish deaths, leading to the curbs