The Delhi High Court has taken a serious note of the dumping of bodies of infants in the Yamuna. The bench of the court comprising justice Anil Dev and Justice M Mudgal were

The Ganga Action Plan has many flaws, but work on cleaning the river should continue

Concentrations of butyltin compounds (mono-, di-, and tri-butyltin) were determined in dolphin (Platanista gangetica), fish, invertebrates and sediment collected from the River Ganges, India, in order to understand the contamination levels, sources, and potential for biomagnification in freshwater food chains.

Industry is wasting the environment. But the courts and the civil society will have none of it

The 5,462 km-long Yellow River, also known as 'China's sorrow', for its disastrous floods over the centuries, is drying up. The second largest river of the country, Hwang Ho has become the victim of

Clearing the Ganga, is their mission even if it means fishing out scores of bodies from the river

A suo moto notice regarding pollution in Bajwa township has been issued by a two-member bench of the Gujrat high court comprising Justice J R Vora and Justice S D Dave to the Gujrat State Fertiliser

A RECENT study has established the presence of high concentration of toxic heavy metals in Chaliyar river in Kerala. The Kerala government has yet to implement the recommendations made by two

Contrary to the government s claims, British rivers are not safe. Many contain amazing concoctions of toxic compounds

An under developed district becomes one of the leading polluted areas in India