Industries, government, ignore apex court committee s proposals for effluent treatment


Concentrations of trace metals in the flesh of nine fish species commonly found in commercial
catches of a hydro-power reservoir in Sri Lanka (Victoria) were detected using the
Neutron Activation Technique. High concentrations of Al (37.8 - 208.0 μg•g-1 dry wt.) and Rb
(20.90 - 70.75 μg•g-1 dry wt.) were found in all nine species while the concentration of Zn
ranged from 20.29 to 92.00 μg•g-1 dry wt. but was found only in four species. Au was detected
in seven species but the concentration ranged from 0.004 to 0.043 μg•g-1 dry wt. The concentration

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