Recently the banks of river Gomti in Lucknow were unusually abuzz. Some people were struggling to wade through the sewage enriched river to scoop up thousands of dead fish; the bystanders looked on, probably contemplating the peril their city s lifeline

On June 16, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s exhortation to “implement the river conservation programme with a greater sense of urgency and commitment” was an allusive reference to the states’ tardiness and cursoriness in executing sanctioned projec

Prime Minister (PM) Atal Bihari Vajpayee recently admitted that all is not well with river cleaning projects in the country. While addressing the 11th meeting of the National River Conservation

An official of the state government was explaining, at a meeting, the progress made to set up sewage treatment plants, drains and diversionary sewers in pursuit of a Supreme Court order to clean up

RESOURCES AND RIGHTS: Even as the debate over access and benefit sharing of genetic resources rages on in the world, plans for a legally binding protocol have begun to take shape in the Convention

the March 31, 2003, deadline set by the Supreme Court sc for cleaning the 22 kilometre Delhi stretch of Yamuna river has come and gone. Yet the river, which is the source of 70 per cent of Delhi s drinking water, remains a dirty drain

two years ago the Supreme Court fixed 31 March 2003 as the deadline for cleaning the Yamuna. It s April 2003 now and unbelievably, the river that passes through India s capital city is actually dirtier. One frightening indication: this river has 118 milli

The Delhi High Court (HC) has directed the Union and state governments to remove all illegal encroachments, including places of worship, from the banks of Yamuna river within the next two months. The

How has the river that flows through one of the most industrialised regions in India fared since it was first written about in 1993? Down to Earth revisits the coal dust and slurry-ridden Damodar basin to see if anything has changed - for better or worse

Pegged at Rs 637 crore, the second phase of the Yamuna Action Plan (yap-ii) has been approved after discussions between the Union ministry of environment and forests (mef) and Japan Bank of