The French manner of dealing with an apathetic government needs to be replicated in the Indian context

The capital s drains are the biggest contributors to the pollution

A study carried out by H C Agarwal, P K Mittal, K B Menon and M K K Pillai of the department of zoology, University of Delhi, published in August 1985, traced DDT residues in water, bottom sediments

“Round-the-clock monitoring by a

The answer to the whole issue of murky rivers lies in preventing their pollution, rather than polluting them first and then treating the raw river water for drinking purposes

in one of the worst environmental

A series of articles discuss the effects of environmental pollution on public health.

Three officials of the Marcopper Mining Corporation in the Philippines have been named in a criminal prosecution launched by the Philippine government last month. The officials have been accused of

the much abused Huai river in China seems to have won a reprieve after a small but increasing number of environmentalists fought against it being used as an outlet to discharge industrial sludge.

Villages situated on the banks of the Shenzen river in south China are at the receiving end of the booming development in Hong Kong, as thousands of tonnes of industrial, livestock and human waste