A RECENT study has established the presence of high concentration of toxic heavy metals in Chaliyar river in Kerala. The Kerala government has yet to implement the recommendations made by two

Contrary to the government s claims, British rivers are not safe. Many contain amazing concoctions of toxic compounds

An under developed district becomes one of the leading polluted areas in India

several toxic chemicals in British rivers are going undetected as pollution inspectors are using ineffective monitoring techniques. A study initiated

Children of Delhi rediscover Yamuna.

increasing pollution in rivers and indiscriminate use of gillnets are pushing dolphins on the brink of extinction in India. These findings have been reported by Brian Smith of the Geneva-based


Delhi recently faced a water crisis as drinking water supply was cut due to high levels of ammonia in the Yamuna

There is an urgent need for a national and international debate on how the world s water resources are going to be managed

The government, the judiciary and the people have to take action together to stop environmental damage. Laws have to be enacted and cases taken up on a priority. But laws alone will achieve little. If no action is taken on court orders, the land and the p