Reclaiming traditional tanks may help tide over troubled waters

Riverine fisherfolk, arguably the oldest among traders, are being sold down the river. An unholy synergy of poisoned rivers, government apathy and commercial interests has scripted the epitaph of the original stewards of the river. Ironically, their

Proposed norms on effluent discharge into Narmada tributary questioned

the recently-released comptroller and auditor general (cag) 2000 report has revealed that river pollution is on the rise as sewage finds its way into river bodies and pollution parameters are

Past experiences in tackling river pollution have been disheartening. The recent call for recognising this water source as an ecosystem is a start in the right direction but one that needs to be backed by solid action

The Supreme Court has asked Uttar Pradesh to identify appropriate land to set up oxidation plants to treat sewage before being discharged into the river. The areas are to be identified at Lakhimpur,

Official apathy results in the failure of GAP in West Bengal

the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (cag) has condemned the Orissa government and the state pollution control board (pcb) for their failure on various fronts, including lapses in

Residents of Lucknow have taken up the task of cleaning the river Gomti

Under pressure from the Supreme Court, the Delhi government resorts to a five day charade to clean up the Yamuna