The Delhi high court and the city's lower courts are proving to be the major obstacles in the way of cleaning the Yamuna river, the Union urban development ministry recently stated in a reply to the

The Mahi river flowing into the Gulf of Khambhat is on the verge of extinction due to pollution and salinity. Fisherfolk and non-governmental organisations (ngos) of Vadodara, Gujarat, blame

The National Wilderness Institute, a Washing

fifty of the 69 rivers in Europe have poor ecological quality and most European countries have inadequate environmental monitoring systems, a new report states. Water and Wetland Index by

The Union government has decided to implement schemes similar to the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) for 23 new rivers in 10 states, proving that it has learnt little from the poor implementation of the

a move to solve one problem, is creating another one for the Andhra Pradesh government. The Supreme Court had ordered the state governments to dispose off effluents without contaminating any

With water scarcity gripping many parts of the country, people are talking about rainwater harvesting, but none about wastewater, which can also be recycled to boost our fast depleting water resources

ddt (dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane) content in fish stocks from Ganga is 16,000 times more than the permissible limit. This was revealed during a

A mystery disease kills 35 people in Siliguri

A CAG report castigates the government for its poor implementation of the Ganga Action Plan