river pollution has threatened beluga whale populations and made fish eating a health risk in Montreal. St Lawrence river is reeling

Advertisements need to be sensitive about health and environment issues

Discharge of effluents into the river had caused large scale fish deaths, leading to the curbs

hudson river, flowing through many us cities, will soon be depolluted. The us Environmental Protection Agency (epa) recently gave a nod to a massive

The countdown to the cleaning up of the Yamuna has begun. The Supreme Court sets a deadline

A Canadian mining company has been dumping cyanide, mercury and copper into Guyana's biggest river, the Essequibo, alleges the Guyana Shield Media Project (gsmp), a group that disseminates

A Spanish judge has closed an inquiry into Spain's worst environmental disaster. According to the judge, 25 people under investigation had "no criminal responsibility'. The case was about the

A gold smelter in Baia Mare, Romania, partly owned by Australia's Esmeralda Exploration Ltd and Romania's Aurul SA is going to reopen after nearly five months. A cyanide spill from the unit had

The Tha Chin river is slowly recovering from the deluge of black, foul-smelling water which killed thousands of fish. The river's highly polluted state was first noticed by the officials of Suphan

Irked by its failure to implement court orders and stop the discharge of untreated domestic waste and industrial effluent into the Yamuna, the Supreme Court has imposed a