City Development Plan for Kanpur city is both a perspective and vision for the future development. Kanpur City Development Plan (CDP) is the culmination of a study which was commenced by JPS Associates. This report is based on invaluable inputs the consultants received from the various stakeholders and the officers associated with the development of the city.

the Orissa government has drawn up a new comprehensive draft policy on rehabilitation and resettlement (r & r) to address the increasing anger of the state's rural and tribal people over being displaced by industries setting up shop on their land.

"Madhya Pradesh is fast moving away from its 'rich state inhabited by poor people' image, and bring about changes in the industry, infrastructure and social welfare to help improve the living standards of the people and pull itself out of the red".

pongamia buses: Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is running its 81 buses in Doddbalapur station (rural Bangalore), on a 10 per cent pongamia blend. These buses consume 6,000 litres

Rs 174,000 crore sanctioned for new scheme to build rural infrastructure

• Engineers moved more than 10,000,000 cubic meters (cum) of earth in building the road; enough to build a wall three feet wide and 10 feet high, from New York to San Francisco

• They also dug 1,000,000 cum of gravel from river beds to surface the road; if loaded on rail cars the gravel train would be more than 600 kilometres long

Udaipur s waterbodies run dry, authorities run amok

The chaos on the roads is choking the growth of India's IT capital, Bangalore

The Hon

NIDHI JAMWAL looks at ways to utilise flyash, and so combat a polluting scourge