This report takes stock of scientific findings to date regarding the distributional effects of policies discouraging car use in urban areas. These policies include cordon tolls, distance-based charges, fuel taxes, parking measures and public transport subsidies.

Reducing air pollution is a major policy challenge, especially in densely populated urban areas where human exposure to emissions is considerable. This paper develops and examines a series of scenarios for the evolution of transport-related emissions in the area of Santiago, Chile.

In 1868 the world’s first traffic light was installed outside the Houses of Parliament. The gaslit signal controlled the flow of London carriages—at least for a few weeks.

Urban transport systems are essential for economic development and improving citizens' quality of life. To establish high-quality and affordable transport systems, cities must ensure their financial sustainability to fund new investments in infrastructure while also funding maintenance and operation of existing facilities and services.

The World Bank has released this report that reviews recent trends in transport and greenhouse gas emission trends in Europe and Central Asia through comparison of trends in the 15 European Union member states 10 years ago and the current 27 member states.

ERP Remains Controversial But It Has Been Effective In Singapore

MUMBAI: Buying new cars is set to become even more expensive, with the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Tax or road tax being raised for both petrol and diesel vehicles from May 1.

Cities all over the world are trying to ease congestion on roads , check car population to free their road space and this latest special report in Down To Earth finds out where India is headed and what lessons can the country learn from them.

Cities all over the world are trying to ease congestion on roads. Not the chocked Indian cities, through. Time to make cars in India pay the real cost of using roads.

NEW DELHI: Cars and two-wheelers are all set to become more expensive in the Capital with the Delhi Cabinet approving a proposal on Monday to increase road tax on them. The new rates would come into force on issuance of a notification.