Italy's garbage woes are nowhere near its end with Romania recently rejecting the possibility of accepting the excess garbage from Naples. Romanian environment minister Attila Korodi announced this


Romania is facing its worst flood in almost 50 years due to continuous heavy rainfall. The disaster has hit 31 of the country's 41 counties in the past two weeks. Over 11,000 people in 108 cities and

it is a downpour that has left most parts of central and eastern Europe submerged in misery. Over the past few weeks, unprecedented and severe storms have triggered floods in the region, claiming

STUDIES carried out on newborns in the heavily polluted regions of Eastern Europe have given more cause for concern about the ill-effects of air pollution. At a recent conference in Budapest,

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The Romanian parliament is deliberating an anti-cyanide bill, which, if passed, will block a project to build Europe's biggest open cast gold mine. According to its sponsor, Senator Peter

A proposed plan to open Europe's largest open pit precious metal mine has soured relations between Hungary and Romania, raising serious concerns regarding the European Union's (eu's) rules on mining