It may shock the Indian middle-class to know that it lives

As the Romanian Government considers introducing a far-reaching fast food tax that covers both sweet and savoury snacks, experts warn of potential stumbling blocks. Ed Holt reports.

European environment ministers could agree to tighten up widely flouted acid pollution laws this week after rapid progress in recent negotiations over industrial emissions brought a compromise within reach.

Do GM crops increase yield? The answer is No, and the claim is outrageous as the modified crops were developed as being herbicide tolerant and insect repellent--------

PARIS: Updating the waterwheel to generate electricity and compete with solar and wind

Crossing through ten countries and draining the territory of 19 countries, the Danube is the most international river in the world. In addition to the 83 million people living in the river basin, the Danube is home to globally important species of flora and fauna.

This is the second volume in the new series on the Values of Protected Landscapes and Seascapes produced by the Protected Landscapes Task Force of IUCN

SUNITA DUBEY On May 13, individuals and groups from from Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Romania and the us gathered at Luxembourg for ArcelorMittal

The European Commission has agreed to increase Bulgaria and Romania's emissions quota. The increase could be anything up to 20 per cent over 2005 levels till 2020. The draft decision, which is part

Research with abandoned children does not necessarily involve exploitation.