Civic Body Has To Identify Sites, Inform Centre

Bangalore: Here’s a fresh blow to the BBMP. The municipal body might soon have to face flak from the Centre. The ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) is all set to amend its existing rules to make it mandatory for all municipal bodies to identify sanitary landfill sites and inform the Centre about it.

Thereafter, they will have to dump their municipal waste at the identified landfill sites alone. “Throwing urban municipal waste wherever municipal bodies feel like will automatically come to a stop. This step is meant to encourage municipal bodies to follow a procedure and only dump garbage where they are allowed to,” Subba Rao, director, MoEF said on Monday.

The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has issued a prosecution notice to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for violating solid waste rules and flouting environmental norms at it

Landfills leachates are known to contain recalcitrant and/or non-biodegradable organic substances and biological processes are not efficient in these cases. A promising alternative to complete oxidation of biorecalcitrant leachate is the use of ultrasonic process as pre-treatment to convert initially biorecalcitrant compounds to more readily biodegradable intermediates. The objectives of this study are to investigate the effect of ultrasonic process on biodegradability improvement.

This regulation shall be called “The Waste Prevention and Management Regulation, 2012”.

Fallen dry leaves littered all over the roads were a grave matter of concern for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) till now, but the agency has found an eco-friendly way of their disposal.

Operating agency to pull out of waste management project

Says she is unable to take decision on waste-disposal crisis

This study examined the present status of waste management in India, its effects on public health and the environment, and the prospects of introducing improved means of disposing municipal solid waste (MSW) in India.

There is a strong possibility that Delhi's potable water has got contaminated with toxic dyes after the immersion of idols on Durga Puja last week and earlier during the Ganesh festival.

New Delhi: The city