Boosting food production with limited water availability is of great importance to humanity. However, our current water usage is already unsustainable today.

Grass plants, such as maize, dramatically alter their root structure in order to preserve water in the soil column during droughts, say researchers

Researchers are finding that kelp, eelgrass, and other vegetation can effectively absorb CO2 and reduce acidity in the ocean.

For the first time, on the dimly glowing remnants of a failed star mere light-years from Earth, scientists have found evidence of water clouds beyond our solar system.

PARIS – Calling the AIDS epidemic “the most important global health challenge in modern history,” more than 50 top scientists pressed their case Monday for a drive to stop the killer disease in its

An international project to develop a large, globally accessible bank of new cancer cell culture models for the research community launched today.

Liquid water is a requirement for life on Earth.

Australia's top scientists and health experts have declared that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is no longer a public health issue, with Australia joining the small number of countries

The summer sea ice cover over the Arctic raced towards oblivion in June, crashing through previous records to reach a new all-time low.

Today’s climate scientists have a lot more to worry about than peer review.