Blind bureaucracy and rapacious industry in Indonesia have forced the jungle to strike back with a vengeance at its tormentors

The smog had spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, The Philippines and Thailand covering a population of 70 million. On September 26, all the 234 people on aboard a jetliner died

The forest fires and the

Drastic reduction in the cycle of shifting cultivation and soil erosion are forcing the Karbi tribe of Assam to explore sustainable agricultural practices

Sun-kissed sands and fisherfolk cracking coconuts at the edge of palm-fringed villages - this could very well be another day in Paradise! But the truth is that Madagascar's ecology is just living on

in order to wean away Tripura's tribals from their traditional jhum (slash and burn) cultivation, a comprehensive rehabilitation package worth Rs 120 crore with rubber plantation as the main

Although RAY WIJEWARDENE, 71, holds degrees in engineering and aeronautics from Cambridge, is a Doctor of Science (Honorls causa) from Sri Lanka"s technological university in Moratuwa and has received numerous awards. including the fellowsh

The slasb-and-burn method of cultivation is ecologically disastrous and economically fruitless for the tribals. To provide a viable alternative to this shifting cultivation, the Social Forestry

Tribals in Orissa's Eastern Ghats range are giving up shifting cultivation and fiercely protecting their forests

Is jhum cultivation still a viable option for the future?