Shifting agriculture on the hillsides has been going on for centuries. In recent times, it has been blamed for degrading the ecology. Agriculture is a sound ecological management strategy, provided it is sustainable

Even flash floods cannot refresh the authorities' understanding of the dynamic and fragile ecosystem of the Himalaya

P S Ramakrishnan , former director of G B Pant University in Nainital, Uttar Pradesh and currently professor at the School of Environmental Sciences in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, spoke to

the ministry for environment and forests has proposed several amendments to the Indian Forest

It is difficult to believe that a hardcore politician, who served as the state minister of industries for a decade, could have a "green" facet too. But, Tiameren Aier is one such person. In fact,

introduced during the 1950s in the Northeast, rubber is proving to be a valuable cash crop for the tribal people who live on shifting cultivation. "The Rubber Board's experience in the Northeast

Pockets of salt manufacturing uits and an army firing range within the Wild Ass Sanctuary i Gujarat are scaring the animals away

orissa's green cover has shrunk by 1,420 square kilometre (sq km) in the last nine years, bringing down the total forest area from 59,555 sq km in 1990 to 58,135 sq km in 1999, forest

forests are central to the people of Mizoram and are therefore an important determinant of the quality of their life. The book surveys the environmental history and the complex relation between

The fires in the Amazon forest show no signs of abating. Lax environmental laws have added fuel to them