The treaty was signed two years after the killing of Honduran activist Berta Cáceres, who had protested against the construction of a dam. Photograph: Jorge Cabrera/Reuters

(Reuters) - A new tropical depression at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides over portions of Central America, the U.S.

Food Security and Emigration: Why people flee and the impact on family members left behind in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras shows the need to invest in long-term programmes to discourage people in the Dry Corridor from emigrating, and to reduce the risks for emigrants and the impact on the families left behind.

Cocaine traffickers attempting to launder their profits are responsible for the disappearance of millions of acres of tropical forest across large swaths of Central America, according to a report.

SAN SALVADOR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Farmer Abelardo Ayala took a tough decision on his estate in San Juan Tepezontes, a traditional coffee-producing region of El Salvador: to swap his coffe

The number of cases of newborn babies with microcephaly, the abnormal smallness of the head, due to the Zika virus has risen to 21 in Honduras since December, health authorities said Wednesday.

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Honduras must develop a long term approach to combat the impact of drought exacerbated by climate change and put the poorest and most vulnerable at the center

Thousands of people followed Lesbia Yaneth Urquia's coffin at her funeral on Friday.

TEGUCIGALPA – Firefighters and national emergency management office personnel continue working on Wednesday to rescue three men trapped in an artisanal mine in southern Honduras, officials said Wed

TEGUCIGALPA – At least nine people were injured when assailants attacked Honduran and foreign environmentalists holding a demonstration earlier this weekend in memory of slain human rights activist