This case study examines the experience of Dominica’s Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) — the country’s largest World Bank-associated climate resilience program — from project approval in May 2014 through its near-completion in 2022. This case study focuses on the project’s delivery challenges and solutions.

This study argues that the focus on insurance by developed countries is too narrow and comes at the expense of a serious consideration of other options. Insurance is only one tool in a much larger toolbox.

The onset of hurricane season this week could prove disastrous for Caribbean nations that were slammed by storms last year and are still struggling to rebuild in the face of funding shortfalls, sai

Four people died and several others were missing as tropical storm Erika hit the Caribbean island nation of Dominica on Thursday.

Japan is providing US$15 million to help several Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries cope with the impact of climate change.

Dominica has recorded an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases and health authorities are warning that most of the cases are among the male population.

Officials in Dominica say that eight people have died in heavy rains and floods that have pelted the lush Caribbean island.

Fairtrade covers the costs of sustainable production, plus a premium for the farmers to invest in tackling poverty and promoting sustainable development. In other words it's win-win.

This draft CARICOM standard was prepared by the Regional technical Committee (RTC) for Agricultural Commodities, hosted by the CARICOM Member State, Dominica.