Schott Solar, seeking to capture a big chunk of the US solar market, will unveil a new US facility on Monday that will produce both solar thermal and photovoltaic solar components.

The unit of privately held German glassmaker Schott AG said its Albuquerque, New Mexico facility employs 300 workers and will be up to 350 staff by the end of the year.

Brazil could already arrive at grid parity - if modules were produced in the country. Meanwhile, Brazilian home owners are becoming inventive with the installation of solar thermal systems. One popular approach: buying tubes and water collection tanks from the home improvement store.

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) will soon be a testing area for solar thermal technology and the host for a 10 MW solar thermal plant on its campus.

IISc signed a MoU with the Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (C-STEP) on Monday, for partnership in technologies in energy, information and communication, materials and infrastructure.

TAMIL Nadu will soon have a solar thermal power station in Sivaganga district, chairman, Tamil Nadu Energy Development Authority (TEDA), Mohan Varghese Chungath told a meeting on

The use of heat pumps in connection with solar thermal energy systems is becoming increasingly popular in Central Europe. Other countries are also finding this combination attractive.

It keeps on growing and growing - the installed capacity for renewable energy sources. Some regions in Europe are doing especially well out of the renewable energy industry.

Bengaluru as Sun City.

The though appears distant, somewhat baffling, but is actually do-able: if various discussions and suggestions materialise, Bengaluru could well be a showcase to the rest of the country as its solar city.

Many industries have not tapped the potential of solar thermal energy: Chunkath

Research into new storage technologies is a field in which much is afoot. After all, if heat supply is to be based on solar energy in the future, this calls for more effective storage tanks than those available today.

The current turbulence on the market does not change the basically positive trends in solar energy if we can believe the latest sustainability study conducted by Sarasin. Nonetheless, change is afoot.