In their continued intensified operation against the alarmingly increasing incidents of poaching of one-horned rhinos in Orang National Park (ONP), the joint effort of the police and the ONP authority have resulted the arrest of two hardcore rhino poachers and recovery of a 303 rifle from their possession.


Northeast's man- war from both sides

S Diwali approaches, villagers in some parts of I Assam and Meghalaya are buying crackers, but for a different reason altogether.

Human-elephant conflict poses a considerable threat to the population of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) that is already on the brink of extinction due to poaching for ivory, habitat loss and fragmentation. The extensive alteration of elephant habitat by human population is forcing the species to confine themselves into small pockets of land that are connected only by human settlements.

Human population increases and development in Northeast India have reduced and fragmented wildlife habitat, which has resulted in human-wildlife conflicts. Although species such as tigers (Panthera tigris) and rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) cause conflict, elephants (Elephas maximus) have become the focal point for conflict and conservation issues.

the Union government has declared the Nameri national park in the Sonitpur district of Assam as a tiger reserve. According to S P Bashishth, district forest officer, Nameri will be the third

THE government of India has awarded the first ever industrial growth centr& in Assam to the district of Sonitpur. An amount of Rs 50 lakh has recently been sanctioned by the Union ministry of industry, out of which there will be a total capital outlay of Rs 30 crore for the entire peoject to be developed and completed during the Ninth Five Year plan at the Balipara development block in the district.

The Assam Power Projects Development Company Pvt Ltd (APPDCL), a joint venture company on Tuesday signed two small hydro power implementation agreements with two companies. The projects are to be implemented under the public private partnership (PPP) mode and commissioned by April 2012.