Soil and water are two very scarce important natural resources without which crop production is not possible. Soil degradation due to erosion and the depletion of ground water resources are the two major environmental problems threatening agricultual production and productivity in the riverine belt of Assam.

Tezpur: Arsenic and fluoride existing in ground water in Assam's Sonitpur district has claimed five lives and caused several others to suffer from related diseases like stomach disorder, kidney and heart problems.

TEZPUR, May 23

Against the backdrop of frequent man-elephant conflicts in certain villages in Assam, a project aimed at securing man's peaceful coexistence with the animal has won international laurels.

They are educated and industrious youths leading a generation living in an economically tough world, who have stepped forward to steer in a green revolution in greater Puthimari area.

TEZPUR: The Sonitpur district administration has initiated move to allot title certificates to the Scheduled Tribes, forest-dwellers and other traditional forest-dwellers under Forests Right Act, 2006 (FRA-2006).



Most of the interior areas of Sonitpur district, which have been identified as endemic to malaria and diarrhoea, have been provided with the 108 (Mrityunjoy) services for which people of these interior areas have benefited a great deal.

Alarmed over rise in the poaching of highly endangered one-horned rhinos in the Orang National Park in lower Assam, the government has decided to set up five anti-poaching camps to protect the animals.