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Enkempt roads, covered with construction waste and dust, are harming us more than just being eyesores. The pall of dust often seen hanging over the city owes much of its existence to the dirty Capital roads.


Mumbai: After last week

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We can channel our investments in a direction that would get us optimum results and not invest in the wrong place In most cities SPM levels are higher than permissible limits and this high SPM level is the real problem. Euro IV fuels, however, only help reduce SO2 and NOX levels. It follows, therefore, that no useful purpose would be served by reducing SO2 and NOX further

There are several methods to communicate the use of different environmental quality parameters. This research communication discusses the use of Air Quality Index (AQI) describing air pollution in Choudwar area. AQI is computed for ten air quality sampling stations in the Choudwar area within the radius 10 kms from the core zone.

Mumbai: The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has once again pulled up the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for not following norms and causing environmental degradation.

The MBCP had found that the renovation of Wankhede Stadium was polluting the air and groundwater.

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NEW DELHI: With the level of suspended particulate matter (SPM) in Delhi's atmospheres measuring 1.5 times higher than the prescribed limit, many citizens are complaining of respiratory problems that is making breathing difficult.

Though Doon valley was once famous for its green and clean environment, the combination of environmental degradation and natural factors has created a situation wherein the quantity of dust and suspended particles of harmful chemicals in the air has reached a level that is up to four times more than the healthy limit.

Jolted by a steady increase in particulate matter in the air, the Delhi Pollution Control Committee has written to all civic agencies involved in construction activities to keep the dust levels down.

Mumbai: Apart from the malaria menace, you can also blame the rising burden of another disease, asthma, on the incessant construction activity in the city.

In fact, the Asthma and Bronchitis Association of Mumbai has dashed off a letter to the civic body and to the ministry of housing, urging them to formulate guidelines for contractors and engineers to control