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The United States needs a robust minerals production industry to help meet the needs of American consumers. Unfortunately, America is ceding to others the responsibility for meeting the minerals needs. Increased import dependency created by lack of U.S. mineral development is not in the national interest and causes a multitude of negative consequences, including aggravation of the U.S.

Chimpanzees in West Africa may have used stone tools to crack nuts 4,300 years ago, says a recent study. Archaeologists Julio Mercader and Christophe Boesch published their study in the journal

Meteor shower sparks row in Orissa

Diamonds are immensely useful in drilling and grinding. This is because they are the hardest substances known to us. Now, a new compound developed by scientists at the Institute of Superhard

the villagers of Pipalia Kalan in

Scientists are busy looking for a compound which they say is going to replace diamond as the hardest substance

Farmers in Burkina Faso's central plateau in Sahel, are turning to traditional practices such as building stone lines, pocket-like pits known as Zaiand permeable stone dams. These increase yields

Shimmering diamonds are not just earthly in origin. They can also be interstellar and meteoritic. From the depths of the earth to the expanses of the sky, it seems that, diamonds are not only forever but also all pervasive

The State Board has issued detailed guidelines from time to time to facilitate the process of grant of consent to establish/consent to operate and also to suitably guide/advice the stone crushing industry for taking appropriate measures for abatement of pollution.