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Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi questions Congress leadership and the UPA government on creation of Telangana state in this blog. Read more.

Medak district of Andhra Pradesh is the picture of a paradox.

Creation of a separate Telangana state with Hyderabad as its capital and keeping Andhra Pradesh united with constitutional and statutory measures for empowerment of Telangana region were among the six choices recommended by the Justice Srikrishna Committee.

The State of Andhra had a number of firsts to its credit. It was alphabetically the first. It was recommended by the JVP (Jawaharlal, Vallabhai, Pattabhi) Committee, but rejected by a Cabinet headed by Jawaharlal, where Vallabhai was the Home Minister. It was conceded due to the first Fast Unto Death that really resulted in death!