Poorly implemented governmental policies are preventing the full exploitation of wind power which could supplement as much as 25 per cent of the country"s electric energy requirements

FORMER MEMBER PLANNING COMMISSION Public Perception of Risk is Unwarranted

The nuclear disaster in Japan has raised grave concerns around the world about the safety of nuclear plants. But the chairman of India

The UT Administration has adopted the theme, 'generating electricity from solar power', under the Solar City initiative, for which a proposal has been made before the Union government for its approval.

A workshop by The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI) on ''Development of Building Regulations and Guidelines to Achieve Energy Efficiency in Bangalore City'' elicited a poor response from Civic bodies in the City, with none of the invited chiefs of BBMP, BDA or BESCOM representing their organisations.

Furthering intra-region trade with neighbours can help India meet its ever-growing energy needs
Neha Chowdhry / May 29, 2010, 0:21 IST

SUBOL Mondal, a 55-year-old smalltime farmer, at Dayapur village in the Sunderban forests, West Bengal, is very particular to keep his date with the local banker every month. He is servicing a 15-year loan, at subsidised interest rates, and paying out an equated monthly instalment (EMI) of Rs 900 in the beginning of the month is not a mean job.

Rashme Sehgal
Jan. 21: Teri

Gurgaon: With a view to developing India as a hub of innovations, the Centre is planning to create a knowledge pool in the country. As per the plan, top 1 per cent science students of classes X and XII will be selected and their studies will be funded by the government.

The Energy Research Institute (TERI) said it was disappointed with the Union Budget 2009-10, considering the fact that Central government has the mandate to carry out reforms in the energy and environment sectors.