In his maiden meeting of Tourism Deptt, vows to make J&K sustainable tourism destination

Appealing to all Opposition political parties to join hands in protesting the nationalisation of rivers in the State, Goa Forward on Wednesday termed the move by the Union Government as the “worst

The Government of Bihar is committed for the inclusive economic development of the State. Though the state is primarily an agrarian state but contribution of secondary sector i.e. industries, in inclusive economic development of the state is of equal importance and therefore can't be ignored.

Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) is likely to continue to be defunct for some time, as the ministry of environment, forests and climate change (MoEFCC) rejected the state government's

The Tourism Policy envisages the development of tourism infrastructure through collaboration between the state government and the private sector. The Tourism Policy encourages private investment and provides various incentives for new investments in tourism sector.

Having shelved the approved state Eco-Tourism Policy on two previous occasions, it for the third time that the state Cabinet will put its stamp of approval on the once again amended policy, tailore

Traces of cadmium, a chemical found in car batteries and used in the nuclear fission processes, are showing up in edible salt-water oysters in Goa, a tourism-oriented coastal state known for its be

Despite the immense potential, Jharkhand has lagged behind in the tourism scenario.

If the environmental footprint made by the world tourism industry was compared to the footprint of a country, tourism would be the fifth biggest polluter worldwide, a report into the industry has f

The cabinet today approved the much-awaited Jharkhand Food Processing Policy-2015 and Jharkhand Industrial Park Policy-2015 to provide an impetus to the state's growth.