Three developing countries have recently toughened hunting regulations believing the changes will better protect vanishing species.

Zambia has banned the hunting of lions and other endangered wild cats such as leopards because it sees more value in game viewing tourism than blood sport, the country's tourism minister said on Th

Botswana President Ian Khama said on Sunday the government will no longer issue licenses for hunting wild animals in a move aimed at protecting the fauna of the country from distinction.

The lifting of the interim ban on tourism in tiger reserves has brought a cheer to the tiger tourism industry though the Supreme Court has unequivocally placed the onus of responsibility of protection of the tiger reserves on the state governments.

Amit Sankala, director of Tiger Resorts, believes the Supreme Court has given a six month lead period for the creation of Tiger Protection Force (TPF) across all the 17 states in which tiger reserves are located.

1,706 tigers today, up from 1,411 in 2007

Should the approximately 1,700 tigers left in India be treated as sacrosanct, not to be exploited by India’s tourism industry? Or, should they be looked at as valuable commodities, responsible for filling the coffers of the state? This is the firestorm of a debate that Ajay Dubey sparked off, when he, through a public interest litigation filed in the Madhya Pradesh High Court in September 2010, asked that tourism be banned in ‘core’ tiger areas — zones where tiger density is particularly high — in line with the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, and its 2006 amendment.

When I first started my life with tigers 37 years ago it was as a tourist.

A project to reintroduce sea eagles to the east coast of Scotland is due to end this week, with the release of six young birds from a secret location in Fife.

In an order that will have far reaching consequences, the Supreme Court imposed a blanket ban on tourism in the core areas of tiger reserves with immediate effect on July 24. The order is up for review within three weeks, but the stage has been set for a period of considerable turmoil in matters related to wildlife tourism, particularly that where the tiger is involved.

There has been wide coverage of the development in the print and electronic media and the virtual world too has come alive with opinions, claims, allegations and counter allegations.

PANJIM: Setting up of golf course, convention center, theme parks and encouraging wedding tourism were the major demands placed by the legislators in the State Legislative Assembly today, in promoting Goa as a major tourist hub in the world, apart from being highlighted as a beach tourism destination.

A need for formulating a comprehensive tourism policy, giving direction to state’s tourism, was also raised on the floor of the House. Speaking during the demand for grants for tourism, the legislators cutting across party line pointed towards government’s failure in promoting the state’s hidden tourism sides including its heritage, hinterland, historical monuments, and others as major tourist attractions.

Businesses are failing to realise the commercial advantages to be gained from adapting to climate change, according to a new Defra report seen exclusively by edie before its publication on Friday.