Insurance is an under-used way for the tourism industry to manage the risks of climate change, with existing offers ranging from a "perfect weather guarantee" by Barbados to ski resorts promising deep snow, experts say.

The liquidity crisis and associated recession currently gripping the global economy have far reaching consequences for the economies of all developing countries, in particular those with a higher degree of integration with the global economy. India is not an exception to this general trend.

NEW DELHI: Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) on Tuesday approached the Delhi High Court challenging the Centre

While the Goa Government repeatedly assures that environmental concerns from the large quantities of tar balls washed ashore on several beaches in the State will be dealt with quickly, it remains clueless on combating another crisis: the ongoing disintegration of a cargo vessel that has remained grounded off the shore for a decade now.

Caught in a maze of red tape, the vessel River Princess con

Under Environment Protection Act, Penalty Can Only Go Up To 1 Lakh

New Delhi: The tar balls floating up to Goa beaches and blighting the picture-perfect tourism hotspot have again brought to the fore how weak the environment and liability laws are in India when it comes to checking maritime pollution.

The recent collision of two cargo ships off the Mumbai coast, and the consequent oil sp

The memorandum of understanding for the tourism project has provisions for making artificial snow. But John Sims, managing director of Himalayan Ski Village Pvt Ltd, the promoters of the project,