Economic factors have contributed to the untimely demise of Vietnam s forests

The government is pushing two programmes for conservation in Vietnam

Vietnam has taken a keen interest in tradional medicine since its independence in 1954. In the war against colonial France and later the Americans, Vietnamese troops had to depend heavily on herbal medicines. However, a lack of resouces on the part of t

Age old tribal and indigenous know how could be lost to marauding urbanisation

Lack of resources and delayed official action could jeopardise the future of traditional herbal medicine in the country

Centuries old tribal knowledge about our environment is the wellspring of local health traditions

FIVE YEARS ago, the social forestry department in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra cleared several trees from a forest near Nandivse village to plant acacia trees. It did not know that the 4-ha patch was a sacred grove surrounding the temple of a powerful local deity, Kal Bhairon. The villagers, too, joined in because they were paid for the felling and planting.

THE PRINCE of Wales wants it known far and wide that he was "not entirely dotty" when he switched to organic farming on his vast estates both around his country home 160 km west of London and in

After yielding successful formulations like Liv. 52 and Guglip, Ayurveda now holds out promise of a new range of drugs to treat mental disorders.

WHILE rice transplantation is a traditional practice in Asia, maize transplantation, a fairly recent technique, is now gaining ground in many countries. The technique helps farmers harvest a