The biodiversity register of Heggarni panchayat in Karnataka is ready. Or, is it? The committee evaluating the register

Hilaro Siquera used to own a 243-hectare farm in Divar, about 6 km from Goa's capital, Panaji. His land isn't cultivable any more

Earlier, most people ate what was locally available: fish, for example, was a staple in coastal areas, and people living in, or close to, fertile agricultural tracts preferred grains. Classical cuisines are often a good indicator of local food preferences, even if we account for the caveat that these were very often on the plates of the well-to-do. Food was sourced locally.

Kavitha Kuruganti I was at the Indian Social Science Congress recently, presenting a paper on genetically engineered crops, raising questions on technology decision-making in Indian agriculture

Regulating access to biodiversity and ensuring justice for its traditional knowledge holders

Fry a little leaf or a chopped bulb of a onion, four-five chillies and half a bay leaf. Add about 100 gm of rice, a few leaves or corms of Colacasia, a slice of fresh bamboo shoot, slivers of Benincasa hipida and Langenaria cineria fruits and handful of pea seeds; sprinkle a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and a teaspoon of salt.

pharmaceuticals: The Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) regime was amended on December 6, 2005, to ensure patent protection for pharmaceutical products without, however, preventing

Juice Chop a fully ripe star fruit into half. Squeeze out its juice. Chill and serve. The juice can also be mixed with an orange drink. Chutney Heat one tablespoon of oil, and add

The Apatanis manage their forests well. So, they never have to buy wood from markets