There are no political boundaries for animals, but officials concerned fail to see the point

Scientists in Karnataka are forced by the administration to abandon efforts towards documenting the biodiversity knowledge of indigenous people

The Shaman tribe of the Amazon rainforest have sought to revoke a patent granted to businessperson from the us on their most sacred plant, a vine called ayauasca , which has medi

Traditional science and technologies are crucial to the everyday life of a large part of India. But will the traditions hold on?

Ethnic veterinary medicine is effective, cheap and accessible. Above all, it recognises the fact that no one knows an animal better than its keeper

A noted Gandhian historian, DHARAMPAL has enquired into variousfacets of M British Indian society. He has authored several books, including Indian Science and Technology in the 18th century and The Beautiful Tree. In a conversation with MAX MARTIN in

In Vietnam, an astonishing array of species, some never before encountered by humans, are being threatened by deforestation and an illegal trade in wildlife. However, the government is waking up to the need for preserving this heritage. But are the refor

Vietnam's forests and mountains have lately revealed the existence of several new mammalian species

Researchers are making a beeline to Vietnam to delve into the nation s latest discoveries of new species

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