Among the plethora of film-based TV channels and programmes, one channel that stands out is Discovery. Since its inception in August 1995, the channel has built up a reputation for providing

Chips n' bytes channel Computer users in the UK will soon have a satellite TV channel of their own. The Sky Computer Channel will begin broadcasts on November 1 and transmit programmes every night.

The Forum for Independent Film and Video (fifv), a Delhi-based congregation of socially conscious image makers, has lambasted the government for the present state of television programmes. It has

Hang it on your wall and do not worry about scanning for your favourite programmes. This new television knows what you are looking for

The Discovery channel is currently working on the promotion of new documentary films from India. As of now, the commissioning of new programmes is being managed entirely by the us headquarters of

Are we suffering from a poverty of spirit, or are Doordarshan's coffers genuinely in a depleted state? Whichever be the case, producers of issue- based programmes are having a tough

'Welcome to tomorrow' seems to be ARTHUR C CLARKE's motto in life. He was the first to hit upon the notion of global broadcasting networks using communication satellites comsats in geostationary orbits. Clarke, the versatile visionary par excellen

MYSTERY, myth, superstition, even suspense - for the Table - October had it Irbe it the milk guzzling &Anesha or the spectacle ijlwMed by the solar eclipse. material for television, Wmay

Sounds almost like a sci fi movie, but there is light in the dark for those who have lost their eyesight. A high tech curing device is on the anvil

Advertising local businesses on TV may soon become quite a rage