To put together an exhibition on the environment for children was an excellent idea. Now, the ministry of environment and forests should consider taking it to rural areas.

How does public interest advertising work on Doordarshan? Even more to the point, does it work at all?

Catalysts for Change, a 13 part film series produced by the Centre for the Development of Instructional Technology, covers the gamut of problems that plague the country and its people

A commitment to excellence and breathtaking photography characterise the two recent films on Ladakh made by Naresh and Rajesh Bedi

KODAK is about to launch a L 30-million photo compact disc (CD) campaign in which ordinary snapshots can be stored on special compact discs and then flashed on the television. The player works in a

For most of the live coverage of the Rio conference we have to depend on CNN. And it requires BBC to give us a perspective on our Green Revolution....

The mother of all summits grabbed a good deal of telecast time recently

The puckish wit of the actor turned anchorperson in Turning Point has contributed to the popularity of the programme

SHOPPING can now be as mindless as' you'd like it to be - the smart shopper can opt for the smart trolley. It directsr,@-Idvises, locates, tempts, and c&n even draw up a menu. Videocart