One good tv programme on Amazonian rainforests can force politicians to take action just as much as tv can force them to protect Kosovars

A microchip with drug-administering capabilities could soon make the common household television (TV) a delight for the olfactory senses. The chip can store a large number of drugs and releases them

A revolutionary technology could make ultralight and utrathin laptops and TVs a reality

Most household electronic devices waste a lot of energy doing simply nothing

The new century will explode into your home through plastic optical fibres, say US scientists, promising an amazing, "wired" future

The idea of aroma-emitting televi-sion sets is being extended to Websites by Ricoh of Japan, which wants to equip both television sets and computers with devices that would eject smells that will go

Get your popcorn. Wall to wall television is almost here

THE COMPLETE PICTURE: Televisions all over the world display only 88 per cent of the image broadcast by TV stations. Now, Korean-based electronics company, Samsung is developing televisions that will

A TV crew was allegedly attacked on the premises of a factory that produces H acid

Children absorb more information by watching TV than by reading, says a study done by Juliette Walma van der Molen and Tom van der Voort of Leiden University in the Netherlands. Five news stories