After earning an Oscar and Nobel Prize, Al Gore knows that when he speaks, people listen. Now his voice is even louder. The Gore-led Alliance for Climate Protection, an all-out marketing blitz, launched on Monday with plans to "ignite' Americans into taking action on global climate change. "When people unite and call for action, change is inevitable,'

>> Arab countries have agreed to allow punishment of satellite channels deemed to have offended Arab leaders or national or religious symbols. At a meeting in Cairo called by Egypt and Saudi

Myanmar's military junta has dramatically raised the annual fee for tv satellite dishes, an apparent move to block the foreign news channels that beamed in global criticism of its recent crackdown

Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, often cites removing the fetters from the country's media as one of his proudest achievements. But under emergency rule his regime is coming down on the media

A stream, chortle of birds in the background and a cherub holding a placard with the message "no forests, no water', might seem straight out of run-of-the-mill

Many in Rwanda are incensed at the bbc for allowing genocide revisionists to use the network's programme to "mock' victims of their crimes. The bitter reactions follow a 30-minute interview in

>> South Africa's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against the country service provider Telkom's "Do Broadband' television and Internet-based advertising campaign in which the agency

I read newspapers and I watch the news unfold on scores of television channels. But in spite of these sources that keep me informed about current affairs, I would not know that floods are still

The bbc has scrapped plans for Planet Relief, a tv special on climate change. The decision came after the corporation's executives said it was not the bbc's job to lead opinion on climate change.

The Australian government's advisory group on drugs has defended a graphic new television campaign about the drug crystal methamphetamine or ice. It shows an office worker unable to sleep after