This latest Greenpeace guide ranks 18 top consumer electronics producers according to their policies on toxic chemicals, recycling and climate change. Nokia tops the list followed by Sony Ericsson & Toshiba while Nintendo remained at the bottom.

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Television>> Minority Rights

>> The TV reality show Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao is in the midst of a controversy with animal rights activists writing to ministry of information and broadcasting not to telecast such a show as it was meting out cruelty to animals. The show on Sony TV has 10 celebrities roughing it out in jungles of Malaysia. >> Two journalists were fined by a court in Namibia for filming the

At a Tehran home, a family and its neighbours shout,

>> TV movie distributers in the US have reduced plastic content in their DVD cases, making it 20 per cent lighter.Though reducing plastic waste is being cited as a motivator, thinner cases are also less expensive when it comes to the cost of raw material and shipping. Companies like Sony Entertainment, Walt Disney and Warner are spearheading the initiative >> Radio Erena (

Serious quiz buffs frown upon such game shows on TV

In the last two months of 2008, the US presidential election and its aftermath took away the spotlight from another major development: three broadcast networks in the country have stopped sending full-time correspondents to Iraq. abc, cbs and nbc declined to speak on record about their news coverage decisions. But representatives for the networks emphasized that the networks would

The government will no more regulate television content. It has devolved this responsibility on the News Broadcasters Association. This association of private television channels has formed a nine-member News Broadcasting Standards Dispute Redressal Authority that will look into public grievances on television content. The new body headed by former chief justice of the Supreme Court J S

MTV has come up with a series of four promotional clips and five short films to expose the greenwash promoted by companies, politicians and celebrities. Known as the Switch Campaign, this is part of the Viacom-owned global TV broadcaster