Large, flat television screens, up to 127 cm in the diagonal, that can be hung on the wall may soon be available. Japan-based Sony and an American electronics company, Tektronix, have jointly

Trees in the cities of the UK are feeling the cutting edge of the latest communications boom. Tree roots are being severed as cable companies dig trenches along an estimated 80 km of streets a day to

As satellites proliferate over the Indian sky and competitors wrangle a bigger share of the market, Doordarshan gears up to….

MULTINATIONALS are having a field day on Chinese television. Ever since Robert Wang, a Chinese-American entrepreneur, persuaded the state-run China Central Television to air company profiles on its

A BBC serial says strong political will is needed to ensure that energy is used efficient.

World AIDS Day in early December saw a rash of programmes on the battle against the disease, with Doordarshan and the satellite channels doing their bit to publicise the enormous degree of education

Two BBC serials take the viewer to the awesome world of computers, dramatising their history, and showing how they have become an integral part of modern life.

The October edition of Newstrack had a livelier than usual Crosstalk, which featured doctors furious at being brought under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act.

A TIMES poll showed 92 per cent of British citizens opposed the two-stage imposition of a value-added tax on domestic fuel and heating. Unperturbed by these figures, British chancellor Kenneth Clarke

A BBC serial has pieced together damning evidence of the rise in female foeticide in India in the 1990s.