Dominant climatic factors controlling the lifetime peak intensity of typhoons are determined from six decades of Pacific typhoon data. We find that upper ocean temperatures in the low-latitude northwestern Pacific (LLNWP) and sea surface temperatures in the central equatorial Pacific control the seasonal average lifetime peak intensity by

A warming planet is already stoking the intensity of tropical cylones in the north-west Pacific and their ferocity will continue to increase even with moderate climate change over this century, an

Typhoons (tropical cyclones) severely impact the half-billion population of the Asian Pacific. Intriguingly, during the recent decade, typhoon destructive potential (Power Dissipation Index, PDI) has decreased considerably (by B35%). This decrease, paradoxically, has occurred despite the increase in typhoon intensity and ocean warming. Using the method proposed by Emanuel (in 2007), we show that the stronger negative contributions from typhoon frequency and duration, decrease to cancel the positive contribution from the increasing intensity, controlling the PDI.

BEIJING -- China established a national early warning information center on Monday to better inform the public of natural disasters and other emergencies.

Monsoon has arrived over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The monsoon is likely to hit India two days ahead of its normal onset date, the India Meteorological Department announced on Thursday even as the possibility of below-par rainfall grew, with both I

After killing two people in the Philippines, powerful Typhoon Noul crashed into Okinawa Prefecture on Tuesday, bringing with it surging waves and howling winds as it headed toward Japan’s main isla

In Taiwan, which is also in the storm's predicted path, authorities evacuated almost 1000 tourists from an island off the southeast coast.

The Philippines is bracing for a typhoon heading for the northeast of the main island of Luzon and expected to make landfall on Sunday, bringing heavy to intense rainfall, the weather bureau said.

The Philippines put troops on alert on Wednesday and prepared food and medical supplies as it warned residents and tourists along its eastern coast to be ready for a super typhoon expected to land