A programme implemented in central Kerala shows how an illness can be controlled if the community is involved.

no action taken to clean canals
KOLKATA, 15 MARCH: Occupants of houses situated on both sides of the Beliaghata canal have urged the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to conduct the anti-larvae drive in the area after many people were found to be suffering from malaria.

The state Irrigation and waterways department had begun dredging operation at the canal.

KOLKATA, 10 MARCH: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will ply nine boats for spraying mosquito repellent to destroy the larva in some canals.

A senior health official said those who have their dwellings beside the canals urged the KMC to take preventive measures against malaria. The decision for plying the boats was taken a month ago.

With summers arriving in the city soon, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) on Wednesday said it will procure chemicals, biolarvicides and other material to prevent mosquito-breeding.

The Standing Committee of the MCD has approved four proposals for purchase of chemicals to prevent vector-breeding

A new study has discovered that chimpanzees can fight off malaria by swallowing mouthfuls of dirt and leaves, which act as "selfmedication' for the animals. According to a report in National Geographic News, Clay soils consumed by both chimps and humans in Uganda's Kibale National Park contain high concentrations of the mineral kaolinite, a main ingredient in some anti-diarrheal medications. Experts from Mus

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A range of internet enabled software tools that will help control the spread of the anopheles mosquito

For his outstanding work in fighting malaria, V P Sharma gets the Green Scientist Award 2001