After almost eradicating filaria from a Kerala taluka , there are no takers for a bio environmental vector management project

T Jacob John , professor of virology and paediatrics at Christian Medical College, Vellore, speaks to Raj Kishor Khaware on the state of health and e

Researchers are trying to end malaria at its very root: by genetically modifying mosquitoes that carry the disease

It is very interesting to compare the costs of carrying

For mysterious reasons, the state government is highly sceptical of the MRC s work

Even the memory of initial success of bioenvironmental approach has been wiped off

New bye laws might help in dealing with malaria

The malaria control operations have been successful only because of help from a large public sector corporation

This is where it all started. And now, there is no sign of past successes

Although the MRC s work is still going on, the community remains has not been educated to continue with it