green guarantee: The Centre will extend its rural job guarantee schemes to plantations. State governments have been asked to deploy "tree guards' to protect "avenue plantations' on rural roads

Chikungunya, a viral disease borne by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, has assumed epidemic proportions in large swathes of the country, especially Karnataka. One problem with containing it is that the systems in place for monitoring the diseas

Controlling breeding is the way out

State reaction to disease bumbling

after the monsoon deluge, Mumbai has witnessed an outbreak of diseases such as malaria, dengue and leptospirosis, taking the death toll to 68 on August 2. The pace at which people are dying is

The Assam health department has sounded a health alert after 74 people died of Japanese encephalitis. At least 254 have been affected by the mosquito-borne disease in the past two weeks. The worst

As chikungunya fever, a rare mosquito-transmitted fever, grips many states of India, the Indian Medical Association has urged people not to panic because the disease is not dangerous and subsides

A warmer climate is playing havoc with both flora and fauna

The National Vector Borne Disease C ontrol P rogramme is in the process of changing the country's drug policy. A meeting was held in March 2006 to discuss new directions but the final policy has not yet been determined.

The focus in this paper is to understand the likely influence of climate change on vector production and malaria transmission in India.