Mumbai Every day, Mumbai generates millions of litres of sewage that, if properly treated and recycled, could have helped ease the current water shortage. Practically all of it goes into the Arabian Sea, giving it a stink and a brackish colour, when citizens could have used it for various purposes.

Pravda Godbole / Pune December 10, 2009, 0:12 IST

Teams across divisions find immense scope for getting more with less.

Suveen K Sinha / New Delhi December 09, 2009, 0:33 IST

Vinay Varshney, as he predicts the end of CFL lamps in a few years, points to the ceiling of the conference room at Maruti Suzuki

Water of the Buriganga and Shitalakhya rivers has become difficult to treat due to high level of pollution, said Dr MA Taher Khandker, director general of Bangladesh Haor and Wetland Development Board at a seminar yesterday.

KARACHI (March 25 2009): Due to the lethargic attitude of Sindh government and rapid change of faces at the helm in Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB), the Rs 276 million project of developing four combined effluent treatment plants (ETPs) in the citys industrial areas is far from execution.

NEW DELHI: Facing criticism for failing to improve the sewerage system and for not providing adequate water for consumption, the Delhi Jal Board, which is responsible for the supply of water and collection, treatment and disposal of sewage in the city, has decided to rope in consultants for preparing a master plan for water and sewerage system for 2021.

Membranes are key components in the majority of plants treating waste water for recycle. These days there are not only relatively small scale plants recycling waste water in factories but also large scale plants treating waste water from cities for recycle. Oct-Dec 2007

The treatment and disposal of wastewaters is becoming more and more important as ever increasing population and urbanization threaten existing potable water supplies in many areas of the world. Worldwide natural wetlands are still used for watewater treatment but at present, the use of constructed wetlands is becoming more popular and effective around the world.