Businesses related to water may lack the glamour of sunrise sectors like education and healthcare, but it has attracted over 500 crore in private equity in the past year.

This report presents results of a national level geospatial study of water risks perceptions and responses across 27 industrial sectors in India undertaken by Columbia Water Center in partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Water mission.

Water is a critical resource in the lives of people who both benefit from its use and who are harmed by its misuse and unpredictability (flooding, droughts, salinity, acidity, and degraded quality). Water is a finite and vulnerable resource. Consequently, consumption of polluted water puts lives and livelihoods at risk because water has no substitute. There are many ways in which water intended for human consumption can get polluted.

Committee reviews progress of work

The Kerala Water Authority informed an Assembly Committee here on Tuesday that the Alappuzha Drinking Water Project, envisaged to provide drinking water to Alappuzha municipality and eight surrounding panchayats, would be ready for commissioning by 2013.

Egypt, with the highest population in the area, is already considered to be in the water scarcity limit. Thus, there is an increasing need for desalted water to cope with the population growth and development. It is essential to determine the capital, operating and unit cost for producing water by desalination.

Urban habitats and high-rise multi-storey developments in urban India indicate new trends in infrastructure planning in water engineering. Along with water for industrial estates, SEZs and commercial centers; planning of water supply, sewerage, roads, urban drainage, and property services now warrants strengthening of urban local bodies and the water utilities. Cost recovery of after services, as a percentage of working expenses, is showing encouraging trend.

In the present study, the potential of a new adsorbent for arsenic removal and nanofiltration membrane for fluoride removal at household level has been studied.

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has released a report titled `Minimisation of water requirement in coal based thermal power stations`.

Textile industry is one of the highly polluting industries in the state having potential for creating pollution of water and air. The major operations performed in a typical textile processing industry are desizing, scouring, mercerizing, bleaching, neutralizing, dyeing, printing and finishing.

Contaminated drinking water is one of the major health challenges facing people in the developing world. The country of India leads the world in under age five mortality due to diarrheal disease, which is attributed to water and food contamination.