Rajahmundry, May 24: Authorities in the Godavari districts have taken up a special drive for maintenance of sanitation especially in villages which were affected in the recent cyclonic storm, and are also organising health camps to educate people on health hazards.

Rajahmundry, May 17: Villagers are likely to face a shortage of drinking water as the existing water levels in summer storage tanks are gradually depleting and irrigation authorities are planning to extend the reopening of the canals beyond 45 days as per the original schedule for taking up maintenance works in both East and West Godavari districts.

Kovvur, May 10: A six-year-old girl died after she allegedly drank contaminated water supplied from a municipal tap in West Godavari on Monday.

Sheik Ameena Begum, a resident of Rama Colony of Ward No. 1, drank the water on Sunday and started vomiting by night. She died while being shifted to Rajahmundry for better medical treatment on Monday morning, said her father Sheik Imam Basha.

May 9: Following Sunday

Rajahmundry, May 3: The Praja Rajyam chief, Mr K. Chiranjeevi, will launch his bus tour, demanding that the Centre and state governments expedite the multi-utility Indira Sagar (Polavaram) project at Antarvedi village in East Godavari on May 5; and will continue his tour in several districts until its culmination at a public meeting at Polavaram village in West Godavari on May 19.

Rajahmundry, March 23: Health authorities are carrying out an entomological survey to find out the density of larvae and vector in stagnant waters in rural, urban and Agency areas to help authorities initiate preventive measures and ensure that people do not fall victim to vector- borne diseases like malaria, filaria, dengue, chikungunya and Japanese encephalitis in the Godavari districts.

Visakhapatnam, March 23: Laying out full details of the Indira Sagar Polavaram project in presence of civil engineers here on Tuesday, retired executive engineer S. Nageswara Rao urged that pressure should be brought upon various agencies to take up the project on a war-footing and complete it by 2015.

Rajahmundry, March 22: Coastal villages in West Godavari are being plagued by high saline content in their drinking water due to seepage of sea water into the ground water. Sources say that the main reason behind this is excessive quarrying of sand on the Godavari river bed.

Rajahmundry, March 2: Social forestry authorities target to raise nearly two lakh seedlings of various species of plants including casaurina, teak, subabul and others, for each Assembly segment, for plantations under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NR-EGS), in both East and West Godavari and Krishna districts, from July.

Infested:A file picture of a black gram plant infected with yellow mosaic virus.

The Andhra Pradesh Government has ordered a study to assess the damage caused to blackgram crop by the yellow mosaic virus in East and West Godavari districts.