The Andhra Pradesh government lied to obtain forest clearance for the Polavaram dam on the Godavari; it said there were no forest rights claimants in the dam’s submergence zone. Down To Earth visited the villages denied forest rights and found the state had indeed lied.

Kakinada, Oct.

K Rajani Kanth / Polavaram September 22, 2010, 0:27 IST

The final instalment of our two-part report on the situation on the ground at Polavaram, site of the controversial Indira Sagar project.


Andhra Pradesh chief minister K Rosaiah has, of late, reiterated that the Indira Sagar project would be completed according to schedule by 2014.

K Rajani Kanth / Polavaram September 21, 2010, 1:48 IST

This is the first of a two-part report on the situation on the ground at Polavaram, site of the controversial Indira Sagar canal project.

For 2,705 Koyas, compensation doesn

Rajahmundry, Sept.

Will Polavaram be another ecocide zone? Not if we apply the Vedanta logic to it.

The Polavaram dam across the river Godavari has been a dream project for several governments in Andhra Pradesh. Most of them had to let it stay at that

Hyderabad, Aug. 30: Parts of the state are in imminent danger of floods as rain continued to lash the districts on Monday. Thousands had to be evacuated to safer places in the West Godavari district due to the incessant rains.

In Khammam district, a couple were killed when their house collapsed due to heavy rains early on Monday morning while they were asleep. The victims were identified as N.

Aug. 22: The state roads and buildings minister, Mrs Galla Aruna Kumari, said that proposals had been made for projects worth Rs 3,560 crore, extending to over 712 projects for the state. The Central governm-ent too has given a positive picture, stating that the State of Accruals were in proper shape due to which a sub-meeting would be soon organised.

Rajahmundry , Aug. 11: Though some farmers cultivating fields located on either side of the Godavari river along its course suffered inundation of crops due to the floods, in reality it is a boon in disguise as the receding waters are leaving huge deposits of silt which help farmers reap bumper harvests in the next couple of years in both East and West Godavari districts.