Untimely rains and hailstorm in Andhra Pradesh have killed 18 persons and damaged agricultural and horticultural crops in 2.50 lakh hectares in the last two days.

With the effects of climate change becoming evident by the day and farmers having to face the worst, the good news is that the agriculture ministry's attempt to prepare district-level contingency p

Naval teams on Monday rescued over 100 people from various villages in Visakhapatnam and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh who were trapped following heavy rains following cyclone 'Nilam' l

West Godavari district, irrigated by two mighty rivers, is on the road to agricultural prosperity thanks to various schemes.

The crop holiday declared in some mandals in East Godavari and a few areas in West Godavari by agitated farmers complaining of unfeasible returns is now turning out to be a battle for political supremacy.

Andhra farmers shun growing paddy this kharif in absence of buyers, storage space. Analysts say this perhaps the first time in the countyr that paddy farmers have resorted to such a drastic step, that too in a green revolution belt.


The Andhra Pradesh government lied to obtain forest clearance for the Polavaram dam on the Godavari; it said there were no forest rights claimants in the dam’s submergence zone. Down To Earth visited the villages denied forest rights and found the state had indeed lied.

Kakinada, Oct.

K Rajani Kanth / Polavaram September 22, 2010, 0:27 IST

The final instalment of our two-part report on the situation on the ground at Polavaram, site of the controversial Indira Sagar project.


Andhra Pradesh chief minister K Rosaiah has, of late, reiterated that the Indira Sagar project would be completed according to schedule by 2014.