The World Bank plans to sow "Seeds of Hope" in war-ravaged Rwanda. The Bank wants to launch this initiative to restore agriculture in this impoverished African nation. Rwanda was virtually

Dwindling forest covers are the ugly fallout for countries which had opted for projects funded by the IMF and the World Bank. The latter's careless attitude has incurred the wrath of environmentalists

FOR some time now, international funding agencies have been at pains to show that they are concerned about the environmental and social aspects of the policies they promote. Very often, such concern

THE NUMBER of hungry people in South Asia -- who make up 49 per cent of the population -- can be cut by 50 per cent to 281 million, according to the World Bank. This can be achieved through

An interim report on project implementation by the GEF highlighted the mismanagement, wasteful expenditure and squabbling that plagues it.

British aid agency Oxfam has criticised the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund for their economic policies in sub Saharan Africa.

The Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station has managed to secure a World Bank loan of $400 million, but the allegations of environmental degradation levelled against it are mounting

For Singrauli residents, each new project has meant another displacement

Rajender Singh, chairperson and managing director of National Thermal Power Corp described to Down To Earth the way NTPC is tackling issues relating to environment and rehabilitation

Ash dumped by thermal power plants is contaminating Singrauli's drinking water